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release notes:


WildEdit 2.2

Issues addressed:

  • Legibility on high definition displays.
  • Error "m_mapDst too small" for files with length an exact multiple of 4096 bytes.
WildEdit 2.0

This release implements the following enhancements:


  • Workflow oriented user interface.
  • Added support for many Perl 5.10 syntax elements including named sub-expressions, branch resets and recursive regular expressions.
  • Files can be excluded from editing by specifying exclusion wildcards.
  • Windows 7 compatible folder selector.
  • Options to match system and hidden files and folders.
WildEdit 1.1

This release implements the following enhancements, and fixes problems that have been reported in version 1.0:


  • Option to allow for literal replacements.
  • Selectable end of line characters.
  • Option to suppress logging of files that have not been modified.
  • Options to search hidden and system folders.
  • Access the forum from the Help menu.
  • Tips of the day.
  • Added a help section on the user interface, and made various improvements to the online help.
  • Context sensitive help with F1.
  • Command line parameters for specifying the test file, encoding and whether to run as a single instance.

Issues addressed:

  • The folder tree background now takes on the default window background color.
WildEdit 1.0

This was the first release