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WildEdit Features:

  • Can edit any files containing plain text. (Note that MS Word documents do not contain plain text.)
  • No limit to the number of files that can be edited in a single pass.
  • Perl compatible (synonymous with ECMAScript and JavaScript), or extended POSIX regular expressions can be used.
  • Replacement text can be literal, or using format expressions, which allow parts of the matched text to be substituted.
  • Undo and Redo the last 10 changes. Each undo undoes the changes to all the files that were modified.
  • File filters can be specified by wildcards or a regular expression.
  • 65 character encodings are supported, including Unicode, Japanese, Chinese and West and East European.
  • All input fields can be resized and the font size can be changed.
  • The effect of a replace command can be tested on sample text.
  • The text matched by sub-expressions can also be tested on sample text.
  • The log of all changes made in a session can be saved to a file.