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Last updated: 19 October, 2001.

These add-ons to TextPad are made available on an as-is basis. They are free and unsupported, although we will endeavor to fix any bugs.

We gratefully acknowledge these contributions from our users, who are credited below. Please let them know if you find their contributions useful.

If you would like to make your own contributions, please send them to support@textpad.com.


After you have downloaded one of these files, extract its contents into the SAMPLES subfolder of your TextPad installation folder, then add the macro to your Macros menu as follows:

  1. From the Configure menu, choose Preferences.
  2. Select "Macros" on the Preferences dialog box.
  3. Select the macro from the list of available macros.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Click OK.
Name: Description:
Comment Two macros to comment and uncomment selected code with #s. Suitable for Perl and other shell scripting languages.
Contributed by Aditya Sanghi, 2 November 2000
Case Conversion Two macros that will convert your text to upper and lower case.
Contributed by Lance S. Darby, 24 October 2000
Comment Blocks 4
This macro eases the task of writing comment blocks in programs, by inserting the preamble characters that precede each line. Regard it as an intelligent auto- indent macro for TextPad 4.
Contributed by Patrick Chandler, 27 April 2001
Comment Blocks 3 This macro eases the task of writing comment blocks in programs, by inserting the preamble characters that precede each line. Regard it as an intelligent auto- indent macro for TextPad 3.
Contributed by Patrick Chandler
Duplicate Lines This macro duplicates the current line.
Contributed by Frank Fesevur, 9 May 2000
Encapsulation This macro will help Java programmers (who observe encapsulation), and especially anyone who writes JavaBeans.
Contributed by Joshua Seigler, 7 February 2001
FORMAT TX Miscellaneous Handy Textpad Macros For Formatting
Contributed by Susan Whittington Hunt 10 August 2001 (mailto:SusanWhittingtonHunt@yahoo.com)
Geodimeter These Macros work on files created by Geodimeter Land Surveying instruments They convert the data from a one item per line basis, to one complete observation per line, and back again.
Contributed by Wyn Sleeman, 10 November 2000
HTML ENCODER This macro encodes ANSI characters into their HTML equivalents.
Contributed by Michael Langford, 10 August 2001
HTML Links It takes a plain Html file and produces the links for the targets one chooses at the top of the file.
Contributed by Carmel Grech
HTML Lower It changes active HTML Tags and keywords to LowerCase without modifying keyword parameter values.
Contributed by Randall McDougall, 12 February 2001
HTML, single-line commenting & more Updated for TextPad 4.4! A large collection, with comprehensive html documentation included. Macros for easy creation of HTML and Cold Fusion tags, single-line commenting, text manipulation and general navigation.
Contributed by Jeff Epstein updated 9 November 2000
HTML Special Characters A macro to convert special HTML characters in normal documents to their equivalent HTML-code.
Contributed by Roelof Berkepeis
HTML Table 1 Macro to convert tab separated columns of plain text into HTML tables.
Contributed by Klaus Daube
HTML Table 2 Another Tab2HTML table macro, with a short description of how it works, so you can create your own to suit your needs.
Updated by Michael Cox
JavaScript JavaScript macros and a clip library.
Contributed by Nicolas Delsaux
Java Tool This tool macro prompts user for parameters with the default of the full file path. See text document for full explanation.
Contributed by Alex Savitsky 10 August 2001.
Line Indexer Macros to bookmark lines and list them in a Command Results window so that a double-click finds the appropriate line in your document. Full setup instructions provided.
Contributed by Chris Willmot
NC Machine Tool NC Machine Tool Macros
Contributed by David Ward 23 June 2001
When run, this macro automatically opens the following files from C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc: hosts, lmhosts, networks, protocol, services. You can then easily examine and modify them, without manually searching for, and opening each of these configuration files.
Contributed by Alex Angelopoulos 19 October 2001.
Reformatting Six macros to remove unnecessary spaces, tabs and lines, and to join blocks of lines into paragraphs. Very useful for reformatting imported texts that lack a proper layout.
Contributed by Gerrit Kiers
Single Line Comments A collection of macros to insert and remove single line comments (e.g.: //, REM, --).
Contributed by Douglas Crews
Special Characters Running this macro in a document SELECTION will convert the following special ASCII-characters to their HTML code.
Contributed by Roelof Berkepeis, 2 October 2000
Tab A TextPad macro for converting tab separated values to "body" of table markuped by elements <row> and <entry>. Values to be converted must be marked as block.
Contributed by Pavel Zampach, 22 November 2000
TPM A TextPad macro for html comments. Works on block selection.
Contributed by Vinod Nair 16 July 2001
Underline A TextPad macro which underlines the current line with dashes.
Contributed by Ari M. Weinstein
URL See Textpad macros for ensuring web URL's are visible in plain text files, by inserting http:// before www.
Contributed by Susan Whittington Hunt 10 August 2001. (mailto:SusanWhittingtonHunt@yahoo.com)