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Last updated: I October 2012.

These add-ons to TextPad are made available on an as-is basis. They are free and unsupported, although we will endeavor to fix any bugs.

We gratefully acknowledge these contributions from our users, who are credited below. Please let them know if you find their contributions useful.

If you would like to make your own contributions, please send them to support@textpad.com.


After you have downloaded one of these files, extract its contents into the SAMPLES subfolder of your TextPad installation folder, then select it as follows:

  1. From the View menu, choose Clip Library.
  2. Click the down arrow on the Clip Library, to display the list of books.
  3. Choose the one you want to use, from the drop-down list.
Name: Description:
3DML for TP3 Clip Books containing a complete set of constructs for the 3-D Markup Language for Textpad 3.
Contributed by, and available from Flatland (Once there, choose the Tools option on the Main Menu).
3DML for TP4 Clip Books containing a complete set of constructs for the 3-D Markup Language for Textpad 4, including syntax file.
Contributed by, and available from Flatland (Once there, choose the Tools option on the Main Menu).
4DOS Two Clip Books for 4DOS: Internal Functions and Internal Variables
Contributed by Arjan Feddema.
4nt/TakeCommand Additional clip libs (Internal Functions and Internal Variables) for jpsoft's 4nt/TakeCommand v6 that mirror the current 4DOS libraries on the site.
Contributed by Michael Applebee, 20 September 2004.
ABAQUS Clip Library and Syntax definition file, for the Finite Element Code ABAQUS from HKS.
Contributed by Kunz Christoph, 19 October 2001
Ada A clip library for the language Ada 95.
Contributed by Moshe Gadish, 26 October 2000.
ADO Constants A clip library for ADO constants.
Contributed by ben miller, 10 November 2002.
ADO Constants A clip library for Microsoft's ActiveX Data Object's(ADO) Constants. Useful when writing ASP scripts.
Contributed by Nicholas Demos, 8 March 2004.
Airports A clip library which depicts all the Airports of the World(as per my knowledge). The list contains 8071 airports.
Contributed by Somdeb Majumdar, 19 May 2003.
Airport Codes A clip library for U.S. Airport Codes.
Contributed by Conrad Wong, 13 May 2002.
AlphaBravo Pilots, soldiers, telephone operators, and others use "alpha, bravo, charlie, delta..." when referring to letters. Here is the official alphabet used by the FAA and other aviation and telecommunications groups.
Contributed by Chris Duro.
AlphaScript A clip library for Alphascript.
Contributed by Carmel Grech.
ANSI A clip book that displays the hex number beside the decimal value for ANSI characters.
Contributed by Franz Holzinger, 11 March 2004.
Ant A clip library to support the Ant build tool.
Contributed by Richard Evans, 18 January 2001.
ANT Installer A clip book for the new version of AntInstaller beta0.8.
Contributed by Paul Hinds, 30 January 2007.
ASAS A clip book for the ASAS structural analysis program.
Contributed by Graeme Roberts, 9 March 2004.
ASCII Chars This clip library lists the control character name, as well as listing the decimal, hexidecimal, octal and binary values for a number.
Contributed by Ross Smith, 1 June 2000.
ASP Active Server Pages Clip Library.
Contributed by Bill Johns.
ASP.NET C# and HTML Clip Library for creating asp.net apps.
Contributed by Ben Hohman, 6 May 2004.
ATG A clip library used when developing applications for ATG.
Contributed by Kelly Goetsch, 23 June 2005.
ATL ATL Clip Library.
Contributed by Robert Sedor, 1 February 2001.
ATL & WTL Clip code library for ATL and WTL global functions and macros.
Contributed by Robert Sedor, 1 February 2001.
AutoHotkey Clip library and syntax definition files for AutoHotkey.
Contributed by Rajat, 24 December 2004.
AutoLisp Comprehensive AutoLisp Clip Book, courtesy of the Tampa Bay AutoCAD User Group (TBAUG).
Contributed by Ben Waggoner (http://www.concentric.net/~benwagg) and co-authored by Steve Smith (http://www.tbaug.ggise.com) .
AWK Clip Books for assisting in the development of scripts in the AWK language.
Contributed by Marco Montagnana.
BAT Clip library for TheBat! e-mail client messages.
Contributed by Andrea Ganduglia, 30 April 2002.
bbCode Clip book for bbCode (for vBulletin and phpBB).
Contributed by Christian Aigner, 21 May 2005.
BCP Clip Books for Bulk Copy Program with a useful list of definitions.
Contributed by Joseph Jagrup, 20 June 2000.
BibTeX (1) A clip book for constructing BibTeX bibliography databases.
Contributed by Darren D. Brierton (http://www.cogsci.ed.ac.uk/~ddb).
BibTeX (2) An updated alternative BibTeX Templates Library.
Contributed by Alan Cibils.
Binary / Hexadecimal Clip books for converting numbers to binary or hexadecimal.
Contributed by Nikolaos Markogiannakis (http://www.bigfoot.com/~nmarkos).
Birth Stones Clip books for Birth Stones.
Contributed by Conrad Wong, 25 May 2000.
Blitz basic scancodes Clip library for Blitz basic scancodes (keyboard codes).
Contributed by Richard Pemberton
13 July 2003
Body Pics A Clip library to add text pictures to your documents.
Contributed by Dennis Creeden, 15 September, 2004.
BTEQ A clip library created for BTEQ programming in Teradata.
Contributed by Glenn B. Jones, 12 December 2002.
Canadian Provinces Clip library for Canadian Provinces and Territories in french. Contributed by Pat Nolin March 19, 2002..
Canadian Provinces Clip library for Canadian Provinces and Territories.
Contributed by Guy Ueland 7 September 2001.
C# A useful C# clip library, when using the C# command line compiler as a tool within TextPad.
Contributed by Sean Gephardt, 19 May 2003.
C# A clip library for the C# language.
Contributed by Ásgeir P. Ásbjörnsson, 19 February 2004.
C/C++ Comprehensive Clip Books of C and C++ statements, expanded and translated (into english). The original version was contributed by Juarez Rudsatz
Contributed by Mike Hasenfratz, 29 April 2002.
C/C++ Comprehensive Clip Books of C and C++ statements, documented in Portuguese.
Contributed by Juarez Rudsatz.
C API The C API code is distributed with MySQL. It is included in the MySQL client library and allows C programs to access a database.
Contributed by Helgi K Torfason, 12 February 2001.
cHTML Specific cHTML clip library as used to build Imode pages.
Contributed by Huub Appel, 12 August 2003.
Clipper Clipper 5.01a statements, directives, standard commands, and functions.
Contributed by Robert Banfield of Telair International.
Clipper 5.2e Clip library for CA Clipper 5.2e.
Contributed by Andrew D. Tollington.
Clips A zipped file containing a Clip Library for CLIPS (C Language Integrated Production System).
Contributed by Daniel Dudley, 12 April 2000.
Cold Fusion Clip Book to expedite Cold Fusion programming by allowing quick insertion of CFML tags and syntax help.
Contributed by Resource-One.
Cold Fusion 4 Clip books of tags and functions for Cold Fusion 4.
Contributed by Mark J. Menger of Creative Media Development .
Cold Fusion 5 Clip library for Cold Fusion 5.
Contributed by Carl Krueger 19 August 2001.
Comments This library helps programmers insert comment blocks into VB code, C++ code, and UNIX shell scripts.
Contributed by Chris Duro.
Console 437 This fixed-pitch bitmap font contains OEM Codepage 437 characters in several sizes, primarily 10-pixels wide.
Contributed by Richard E. Harvey.
Countries 240 countries from around the world are listed.
Contributed by Chris Duro.
Countries A Clip Library of countries from around the world.
Contributed by Mike Barone, 6 November 2002.
Country Capitals A Clip Library of 195 countries and their capital cities.
Contributed by Conrad Wong, 20 May 2008.
Crystal Crystal V 7 clip library.
Contributed by Harrison M. Schwall, 19 September 2000.
CSS Two clip books containing Tags and Possible Values for CSS.
Contributed by Garfield, 28 December 2002.
Curl Clip Library for the programming language Curl. http://www.curl.com
Contributed by Robert Shiplett, 28 July 2009.
DHTML Clip library for DHTML & CSS Colour Names.
Contributed by Antony Booth, 29 July 2002.
Discus Clip Library for Discus discussion forum software.
Contributed by Alastair Scott (http://www.unmetered.org.uk/)
Dublin Core This Clip Library is designed to assist in the creation of simple Dublin Core, Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS), and Administrative Core metadata. It is meant to provide a simple and fast desktop tool that can also be configured by the user to reflect their needs and allow for future changes in the syntax or interpretation of metadata schema.
Contributed by Peter Anderson, 30 April 2002.
EBCDIC A Clip library, derived from Ross Smith's ASCII Chars library, that displays EBCDIC characters with decimal, hexadecimal, octal, andbinary values.
Contributed by Kevin M. Otto, 29 April 2002.
Excel Functions A Clip library that has all the functions coming with Excel.
Contributed by Adrian Boldan, 28 June 2004.
Emotions A clip Library for almost every text emotion.
Contributed by Ray-ray D Francisco.
FileMaker A clip library and syntax definition file for use with FileMaker Pro v7. Syntax definitions are applicable for earlier versions as well.
Contributed by Roger Maxwell, 10 July 2004.
F Language
A Clip Book containing the most common source code statements for the F language.
Contributed by Dr Claude Semay.
This Clip Library, lists the hex values for the most frequently used characters in external text files for use with Flash¬
Contributed by John Kuyten, 19 April 2002.
Flash 4
A Clip Book for Macromedia Flash 4.
Contributed by Jan Fex, 9 May 2000.
Formatting Objects Processor
A Clip Book for FOP. Formatting Objects Processor is the world's first print formatter, driven by XSL formatting objects, and the world's first output independent formatter. xml.apache.org
Contributed by Benjamin Thym, 12 December 2002.
Micro station add on - Civil engineering software, writing "Criteria" files for developing features in design.
Contributed by Richard Palmisano 25 April 2001..
GERMAN A small clip library of German characters you can insert in ASCII or HTML when typing German on an American keyboard.
Contributed by Dennis Creeden on 12 March 2011.
A google operator clip book. Can be quite useful when conjuring up search queries.
Contributed by Nick Yoden, 4 August 2004..
Clip libraries for the language called GRIP (Graphical Interactive Programming). This is a language used to automate the Unigraphics CAD package.
Contributed by Christopher Nash, 16 October 2006.
HEX to ANSI A clip book to insert ANSI characters, based on their hex or decimal codes.
Contributed by Chuck Bass.
Hex to Decimal Character Map ASCII data clip library which doubles as a character map and a Hex/Decimal converter.
Contributed by Ben Suffolk.
HTML Colors Clip library for HTML Colors (Numeric Codes).
Contributed by Paul Tew 19 October 2001.
HTML Color Constants Clip library called HTML Colour Constants. It is simply a clip lib that has every colour constant from HTML 3.2.
Contributed by Matthew G 6 September 2004.
HTML Characters A clip book for HTML Character Entities.
Contributed by Steffen Lohse, 28 April 2002..
HTML Characters A clip book to insert characters as numeric HTML tags.
Contributed by Dennis D. Calhoun.
HTML Colors Clip Library for HTML colors by name.
Contributed by Michael Alsup
HTML Math Two Clip Libraries for HTML math entities and the new HTML entity smybols.
Contributed by Joe Selzler, 14 December 2008.
HTML Tags A pocketbook version (the bare minimum collection of the most used, most important tags) of TextPad's htmltags.tcl.
Contributed by Nick Humphrey, 26 September 2005..
HTML Tags A clip book for HTML tags.
Contributed by Bob Swindale, 2 August 2000.
HTML 4.0 Tags strict Clip Library for HTML 4.0 Tags (strict).
Contributed by Justin Watkins
HTML 4.0 Tags transitional Clip Library for HTML 4.0 Tags (transitional).
Contributed by Justin Watkins, updated on 22 April 2002.
HTML4.0 Tags Frames Clip Library for HTML 4.0 Tags (frames).
Contributed by Justin Watkins
HTML Style Sheets A Clip Book of attributes for HTML Cascading Style Sheets.
Contributed by Josh Carlson.
ISQL A clip library for creating Batch files for ISQL.
Contributed by Joseph Jagrup.
ISO Language Codes A clip library for ISO Language Codes.
Contributed by Walt L. Williams, 15 June 2008.
JavaApps (Updated 19-Nov-98) A comprehensive collection of ready to use scripts, written in both Java and DHTML.
Contributed by Mr.B & Liz.
Java Clips Java clip library.
Contributed by Simon Smith, 12 December 2002.
Java Clips Provides JavaDoc headers for most Java code constructs as well as shells of the constructs in the author's preferred coding standard.
Contributed by James Garacci, 12 December 2000.
Javadoc Clip library for javadoc 1.4.
Contributed by David Daniels, 29 April 2002.
Java Servlet2.2 Clip library for Java Servlet version 2.2
Contributed by Paul Huang 25 April 2001..
Java Statements A Clip Book of Java Statements and keywords.
Contributed by Wai-Wah Tang.
JavaScript & HTML This interesting collection includes a very comprehensive library of HTML tags, including forms, and several Clip Books for different aspects of JavaScript.
Contributed by Remco Kapinga.
JavaScript Javascript clip library with some useful macros.
Contributed by Nicolas Delsaux, 20 March 2000.
JavaScript JavaScript snippets that will help developers Redirect site visitors as required.
Contributed by Mike Barone, 30 October 2002.
JavaScript A Clip Library for JavaScript.
Contributed by Mike Barone, 6 November 2002.
JavaScript A Clip Library for JavaScript date and time display.
Contributed by Mike Barone, 16 December 2004.
JHTML tags Clip libraries containing tag definitions for version 5.1 of ATG Dynamo and for version 5.5 of Dynamo. Also includes the corresponding syntax definition file for both of them.
Contributed by Neil O'Brien 19 October 2001.
JPSoft 4nt/TC v8 Clip book for JPSoft newest release of 4nt/TC v8.
Contributed by Michael Applebee, 21 September 2006.
JSP Tags A clip book to insert JSP tags (spec v. 0.91).
Contributed by Serge Knystautas.
JSP 1.1 Tags A clip book to insert JSP tags, updated for JSP 1.1.
Contributed by Serge Knystautas
Updated for JSP 1.1 by Keith Siilats
JSTL A Clip Library for JSTL, containing a package of common JSTL statements.
Contributed by Rajesh Tank, 22 June 2004.
KixTart KiXtart command reference and Syntax definitions for 2001 RC 1 release
Contributed by MCA, 16 July 2001 .
KixTart A clip book for the Microsoft KixTart language
Contributed by Richard Wiseman, 26 July 2000 .
KixTart A Kixtart command reference update for 2001 BETA
Contributed by Martin Holkamp 14 December 2001.
KixTart A Kixtart command reference for 2001 BETA
Contributed by Martin Holkamp 25 April 2001.
Knit and Crotchet A handy Clipbook for knitters and crocheters:(each separated by a short dash line)Cm to Inch, Knit Needle & Crochet Hook Sizes, Meters to Yards, Oz to Grams, Yarn Weight Standards.
Contributed by Susan Hunt, 26 June 2013.
LaTeX 1 Two Clip Books for Tex and LaTeX programmers. One contains tags for special characters, and the other tags for LaTex commands.
Contributed by Juan Grigera.
LaTeX 2 Alternative Clip Books for LaTeX. Split into commands, fonts and symbols, and uses a different insert position with respect to the current selection.
Contributed by Marcus Maack.
Lua A clip library for the lua programming language.
Contributed by Wolfgang Bujatti, 13 April 2005.
AMSLaTeX A clip library for AMSLaTeX. It includes a number of commands that are not available in standard LaTeX.
Contributed by Dr. George W. Benthien, 28th April 2000.
Liberty Basic A clip library for Liberty Basic
Contributed by Greg Lumpkin, 9 May 2000.
Magik (2) A clip library and syntax definition file for Smallworld Magik Programming language GE Smallworld Magik programming language.
Contributed by Sean Ince 24 April 2001.
Meal Master A clip library to create import files for Meal-Master, a recipe database program.
Contributed by Edward W. Ramos.
Merlin A clip library which contains all the animation for the MS Agent character, Merlin.
Contributed by Christian Weiske 25 April 2001..
MIPS RISC A clip book for MIPS RISC.
Contributed by Garrett McCullough.
Miva A Clipbook of Miva (aka HTMLScript) tags.
Contributed by Jonathan Wray, updated 13 February 2001.
Morse Code A Clipbook of morse code tags.
Contributed by Conrad Wong, 25 May 2000.
MUXcode A Clipbook of the functions in MUXcode. May also be used by MUSHcoders. Makes TextPad work like an HTML editor for TinyMU* softcode.
Contributed by Sandra M Fallon.
MX A Clipbook for MX.
Contributed by Hans Veenstra and John Pittock, 27 June 2000.
Neverwinter Nights A Clipbook of NWScript, the scripting language used by Neverwinter Nights.
Contributed by Emanuel Greisen, 30 October 2002.
OpenUI token script A Clipbook Library of OpenUI token script and keywords; a Language based on Mivascript. (openui.org).
Contributed by Ray Yates, 1 August 2005.
OPL 3 A clip book for Psion's OPL language as implemented on the series-3 machines. OPL3.tcl is the Clip library for the Psion-3 only (limited set).
Contributed by Peter Overfield, 10 May 2000.
OPL 3a A clip book for Psion's OPL language as implemented on the series-3 machines. OPL3a.tcl is the Clip library for models 3a, 3c and 3mx (full set).
Contributed by Peter Overfield, 10 May 2000.
Oracle PL/SQL Two Clip Books for anyone programming Oracle PL/SQL programs and/or DDL scripts.
Contributed by Jerry Orenstein.
Oracle Web Server A clipbook for Oracle web server pages.
Contributed by Martin Palmer, 27 July 2000.
PHP Included in .zip: a php script to parse PHP documention and create a clip library, also clip library of ALL PHP functions as of 5/11/04.
Contributed by Jonathan Lund, 11 May 2004.
PHP A clip library for the creation of PHP classes.
Contributed by Dave Daniels, 29 April 2002.
PHP 4 PHP functions for MySQL.
Contributed by Robert Banfield, 7 September 2001.
PHP 4 A clip library for PHP 4.
Contributed by Darren Watson, 10 January 2001.
PHP 4 A clip library for PHP4 Regular Expressions v1.0, and PHP4 Array Funktionen (deutsch) v1.0.
Contributed by Charli McFive [Charli.McFive@gmx.de], 14 December 2001.
PHP 4 An English version of the clip library for PHP4 Regular Expressions v1.0. Original by Charli McFive.
Contributed by Troels Knak-Nielsen, 13 May 2002.
Pascal Templates A clip library for Pascal Templates.
Contributed by Nikola Jankovic, 2nd October 2000.
Peanut A clip library for Peanut Markup Language.
Contributed by Grant Holzworth 3 May 2001..
Pegasus A clip library for the Pegasus windows Email program Toolbar. This clip library is used to create button panels for Pegasus V3.0 and above.
Contributed by Kevin Maly.
Perl A comprehensive collection of Clip Books for Perl programmers.
Contributed by Jeff Vannest.
Perl CGI A clip book with all CGI environment variables for Perl programmers.
Contributed by Dmitriy Abaimov, 10 August 2004.
PerlDoc It's a handy reminder of what's available and how to use, even if you don't strictly need to use it to do your typing for you.
Contributed by Cloink, 11 September 2006.
Provinces of Canada Clip book for the Provinces of Canada.
Contributed by Amer Neely, 23 October 2006.
Rational Rose Realtime Clip books for Rational Rose Realtime.
Contributed by Charles Rivet, 27 June 2000.
Recital Clip books for Recital Commands, SET commands, and Functions. Recital is a Unix development environment for client/server Rapid Application Object Oriented Programming (RAD OOP)
Contributed by Dave Lewis, 14 May 2002.
RevTeX A Clip Book containing statements to simplify creation of articles with the RevTeX format of the American Physical Society.
Contributed by Dr Claude Semay.
REXX A Clipbook of most of the functions necessary for REXX - a powerful batch language in OS/2 and AS/400.
Contributed by Haakan Karlsson.
RPG Rulers Two clip books and one macro for IBM AS/400 programmers. These clip books provide format rulers for RPG/400 and DDS source..
Contributed by Edward Doxtator.
RSS News Feeds A clip book which makes it VERY easy to create RSS News Feeds, which comply with the RSS Version .091 AND 2.0 specifications!
Contributed by Rick Robey, 2 May 2003.
Ruby Snippets Clip book for Ruby.
Contributed by Stephan KSmper 18 September 2001..
SQR Clip library for use with SQR.
Contributed by Jason Penney.
SNOBOL Clip library for the SNOBOL programming language. Syntax definitions included.
Contributed by Robert Shiplett, 26 May 2009.
SVG Clip library for Scalable Vector Graphics.
Contributed by Bill Mcmilleon. Updated 8 May 2003.
SVG Clip library for Scalable Vector Graphics, with additional JavaScript DOM calls, RegEx, and code samples useful to SVG, and Adobe-specific extensions. Includes some SVG1.2 clips.
Contributed by Doug Schepers, 6 January 2004.
Send Keys Sendkeys Windows API. Very usefull for Windows Scripting Host coding.
Contributed by Duncan Lock, 26 May 2000.
Script.aculo.us A clip library containing AJAX calls, visual effects and Web 2.0 controls that come with fantastic “prototype” and “script.aculo.us” libraries. Useful when developing modern web applications.
Misha Peric of http://www.byteout.com, 27 July 2006.
ServerSide JavaScript ServerSide JavaScript for use with Netscape LiveWire & SuiteSpot.
Contributed by Philip Smith.
SPANISH A small clip library of Spanish characters you can insert in ASCII or HTML when typing Spanish on an American keyboard.
Contributed by Dennis Creeden on 12 March 2011.
SMS Clip book for SMS (Short Messaging Service).
State Abbreviations Clip book containing a list of US State codes, and the Postal Translations.
Contributed by Andy McPhee, 7 March 2004.
TACL Clip Library for TACL "Tandem Advanced Command Language".
Contributed by Steven Isaac. Updated 29 October 2003.
TANGO Clip Library for TANGO (an Internet Rapid Application Development tool).
Contributed by Darin Kaplan.
TCL If you prefer to edit your own clip books directly, this one is for you. It inserts the basic statements in your own .TCL files.
Contributed by Marco Montagnana.
Textpad Shortcuts List of TextPad keyboard shortcuts.
Contributed by jung textpad, 9 June 2011.
Transact SQL A Clip Book containing the most common Transact-SQL statements for Microsoft SQL Server.
Contributed by Courtney Graff.
UCN A Clip Book for Universal Character Names - Latin Special Characters.
Contributed by Bernd Schwennicke, 27 October 2002.
UDO A Clip Book for UDO which is a meta-language.
Contributed by Peter Hoch, 28 November 2000.
UNICODE A Clip Book containing the unicode hex tags for HTML files with UTF-8 encoding.
Contributed by Gideon van Melle, 2 September 2003.
UNICODE This is a more complete ASCII, ANSI, Unicode character TABLE. It will insert the Unicode character hex value, &#xHHHHH; It also lists the ASCII control character names 0-31, ANSI/ISO-8859-1 character entities 160-255. Ideal as a basic reference.
Contributed by Anthony Howe, 22 April 2005.
Unicode Numerics Various Clip Books of Unicode Numerics, available from the web site below:
http://twicerisen.ath.cx/rn/resources.php Contributed by Michael Niggel, 19 October 2004.
Uniface 8.4 Clip library for UNIFACE 8.4.
Contributed by Ronny Krite, 23 August 2006.
Uniface 8 Clip library for UNIFACE 8 proc.
Contributed by Ronny Krite, 23 February 2004.
Uniface 7 Clip Library of Uniface 7.2 Statements and Functions.
Contributed by Doron Zappler.
URL Encode A clip book to insert URL Encode Characters.
Contributed by Robert Warburton of Winetasting.com 19 July 2001..
United States Clip Library of the States of the United States.
Contributed by Conrad Wong, 25 May 2000.
US Airports Updated US airports from a list on Orbitz.
Contributed by Robert Zeschke, 16 July 2010.
US Capitals An alphabetical listing of State Capitals, by State.
Contributed by Robert Zeschke, 16 July 2010.
US States Clip Library of US States.
Contributed by Pat Murray, 15 March 2001.
USFOS TextPad Clip book and syntax definitions for USFOS.
Contributed by Chetan Kunte, 14 September 2007.
VHDL Clip Library for VHDL
Contributed by Kees van Egmond
VBScript Clip library for VBScript / JScript Language Reference.
Contributed by Luigi Frantellizzi, 29 April 2002.
Visual Basic Clip Books for Visual Basic statements and functions.
Contributed by Philippe Jausions.
Verilog Clip library, Syntax definitions, and Xilinx unisim component library for Verilog.
Contributed by Don Husby 10 August 2001
Visual C++ Clip Libraries for MFC class names and macros, and Win32 macros.
Contributed by Michael Alsup
VRML Clip Library for VRML
Contributed by Ray Balog
VRML Clip Library and Syntax file for VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) v2.0. Instructions included.
Contributed by Daniel Small, 10 July 2003.
Web DNA WebDNA Clip Library for Webcatalog v3.x.
Contributed by howard@lab2k.com (www.lab2k.com).
Web Update Wizard This clip book contains syntax definitions for the Web Update Wizard, an automatic update component for software developers, which you can read about at: http://www.PowerProgrammer.co.uk
Contributed by Peter Boulton 18 May 2007.
Win Batch Textpad clip files for Winbatch and Winbatch Extenders.
Contributed by Martin Jucker.
Win Help This clipbook is used to develop Windows Help project files (*.hpj). It can also be used to develop Microsoft MediaView or Multimedia Developer project files.
Contributed by Grant Holzworth.
Win Prolog A textpad clipping file for WIN-PROLOG.
Contributed by Z.Meltem ISMIK (Logic Programming Associates).
WinRunner Clip Library for WinRunner program from Mercury Interactive (WinRunner/TSL language).
Contributed by Contributed by Angelia T Howard, 13 May 2002..
WiTango Clip Library of WiTango 2000 SP1 Metatags (A rapid web-application development platform, formerly known as Tango).
Contributed by Scott Cadillac, 14 December 2001.
Windows FileSystemObject This file includes all the objects, collections, properties, and methods for the Windows FileSystemObject.
Contributed by Scott Bleasdell, 2 May 2005.
Windows path & file names Full paths to some commonly used Windows files and directories.
Contributed by Chris Duro.
Windows Scripting Host Clip library for Windows Script Host 5.6 XML Elements.
Contributed by Marvin Frederickson, 1 May 2002.
Windows Scripting Host Clip library for WSH object creation.
Contributed by Luigi Frantellizzi, 29 April 2002.
Windows Scripting Host This clip holds the common contols for the Windows Scripting Host.
Contributed by Paul Spinks.
WML Clip Library for WML 1.1 tags.
Contributed by Alain Delawoevre
WTL WTL Clip Library.
Contributed by Robert Sedor, 1 February 2001.
XHTML This clip library includes all the strict XHTML elements, minus those that are purely presentational markup. (Use semantic markup or CSS:) The elements are sorted into sections: Basics, Block, Inline, Form, TABLE and Other.
Contributed by Tiram, 29 April, 2005.
XHTML XHTML Accessible Tags, XHTML DTD Selector, and XHTML Valued Attributes Clip Library.
Contributed by Jim O'Brien, CUA http://www.justthedesignguy.com
19 August 2005.
XHTML XHTML Tags clip library
Contributed by Pavel Zampach, 19 October 2000
XHTML reference XHTML Tags reference clip library
Contributed by Pavel Zampach, 22 November 2000
XML Schema XML clip libraries. It has clips for both Schema and DTD.
Contributed by Anand P. SHinde, 19 October 2000
XML SDB Updated clip Library based on Norman Walsh's DTD Simplified DocBook XML V4.0.1.
Contributed by Pavel Zampach, 22 November 2000
W3C Basic Doctypes A Clip library for the main HTML and XHTML Doctype declarations based on W3C recommandations(http://www.w3.org/QA/2002/04/valid-dtd-list.html)
contributed by Walter Wlodarski, 1 September 2003.
Web XML A Clip library for creating java web deployment descriptor files(web.xml) for J2EE-compliant web servers.
Contributed by James Lewis, 10 August 2001
Wiki A Clip library for wiki tags.
Contributed by Simon Pearson, 19 August 2011.
Windows XP Command window Two clip Libraries for Windows XP command window. One library with ss64.com web support, and another without.
Contributed by Moisey Oysgelt , 2 October 2009.
XSL Clip Library for XSL as supported by IE5.
Contributed by Dave Sparks
XSL Tags Clip Library for XSL tags.
Contributed by Ollie Rutherfurd
XSLT Tags Clip Library for XSLT tags.
Contributed by Justin Rogers
XSLT Tags Clip Library for XSLT tags.
Contributed by Krzysztof Kozlowski, 12 August 2005.
ZPL2 Clip library and Syntax definitions for ZPL2. Zebra Printer Language is used for custom shipping systems.
Contributed by Justin Cramer 16 July 2001.